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Turn clicks into Bitcoin.

You can earn up to 1% commission on any transaction made by buyers or sellers you refer to our website.
We'll generate a customized link just for you and make monthly payments to your Bitcoin address.

Calculating Commissions An affiliate earns 25% of the commission allocated to the referred party in a transaction, and 50% of the total commission if both the buyer and seller were referred by the affiliate.
Referred Customers If you refer an individual to BitQuick that has never used our service before and they complete a purchase, not only will you receive 0.5% of the total order amount for their first order, but also 1% of the total amount of all other orders that the buyer or seller makes during the following 90 days.
Payment Terms Affiliates are paid monthly in Bitcoin. Just let us know your address. We pay out monthly so long as you have enough Bitcoin to make it economical to cover mining fees.
Taxes & Compliance Affiliates are fully responsible for complying with all applicable tax and compliance rules & regulations.

You can read more about BitQuick.co's affiliate program here.